Simple clicks or a travel expert to help you on your next adventure?

Hello all,

From my travel designer perspective, I would of course need to defend my entire class, stating that there is, in my opinion, a difference on the motivations and your own profile. Organizing an itinerary for a traveller, and not for a tourist, demands expertise and a high level of professionalism that goes beyond a couple of clicks.

In our so called globalized and hyper-clickable world, services are what make the difference. I can also compare a travel designer, which is not a NGO, it is an enterprise and therefore would charge for the delivered services, I can compare it with your hair dresser, for example… You can indeed by some colour and dye your hair at home… Results can satisfy you whatsoever, but if you go to a hair designer, which based in their experience will study your figure and assist you in finding the best colour for your skin type or farther the image you want to get across, the results can lead you to a finer result, and you would be glad to pay for it…

What is happening, it is that nowadays, the developing of an itinerary is somehow misplaced to a couple of goods from the shelves to your troll but with no criteria, or better, when the most important criteria is saving some or more money…

For my own experience, I handle clients that prefer go to a hairdresser than do it themselves, lucky me, right? Clients that truly believe more on a voyage than on a simple trip! And, trust me, it makes all the difference…

I am a lucky person that had the chance to visit 4 continents and around 30 countries, and, in my profession, means expertise, for even to buy tourist products and place them at a portal as clickable deals to save money NEEDS to mean that there is expertise behind it…

I wonder, If I ever ask some cheaper portals to study a travel experience based on my profile, would it be feasible or if I was not about being charged for that… In this case… Why somehow people love to ask experts to share their expertise, self-experiences and at the end click some shelves and save some bucks… Is it fair? Would you like your clients in your sector do the same?

Tourism is SERIOUS business, SERIOUS Travel Agents or Designers are hard workers and furthermore, we don’t sell BEDS and places in airplanes.

We are an active part of the construction of a dream. We SELL the only product which the client don’t bring anything concrete with them… Only indelible experiences.

So, darling, or go to a Luxury Boutique (not on sales please, for you know how not-elegant Milan hi-fashion boutiques are during sales time) or go to an Outlet… If you choose a Boutique, always bare in mind, darling ones, the sip of crystal is already on the bill and don’t ever pretend an Outlet sells last collection items…

Whatever you chose, whatever I chose, the best is… there is no concrete position when we are dealing with the most precious thing we have in life: time. Time is precious and so are Travel Agents time… Maybe next generations will subside us and we’ll become NGOs, who knows, but until there, I beg you all to think twice before saying that the main difference between a travel agent/operator is just “save” money… No it is not!

Love to all.


Rio Escape | Being fabulous in the Wonderful City

You know, I’ve just exchange emails with a fine client, after finalizing last specifics to organize this forthcoming Rio Weekend Experience … From tomorrow on…

This sounds like a great plan! Thanks a lot for all your help – I think my stay in Rio would be really wonderful | … Warm Regards, [ client ]

Hey [ client ], that’s the nicest part of my work… Collaborate to render good moments to people! | … Stu
And that’s, at the end, the less you could expect from a ground operator, in this particular case…
I’ve been in the past over-a-decade learning how to handle travelers under so many lenses… Institutionally, Private Enterprise, Press, Tourism Trade… up to arriving to my current one as a luxury travel designer’s point of focusing my lens…
Must say, … Even though mixing the passion with the business in itself –
yet, none can live only from passion, huh? –
I’ve learned that good things in life either cost or are for free! Adore them when they’re for free… Respect/Expect from them when they are paid.
Rio costs, the good costs… Rio is so totally for free… So full of so many different people, slam boys in the same queue in the supermarket with the latest last fresh canned pseudo-popstar on TV… Two blocks from the beach… That, actually, is the distance of the 3 different-chain supermarkets I stroll three times a week… At only 2 blocks far from the sand and the waves of this brave Atlantique, so is the window where I take my first morning puff…
Honestly? Lately, due to the fact I have the sun on my face, I have my black coffee and first cigarette [ I know It damages one’s health comprise mine… Avoid smoking! ] facing the sea and getting face-tonned… I sometimes am, and prefer to be, a sunset type of guy… Rio has it too… 15 minutes walk I’m in Arpoador Beach ( Next to Ipanema & Leblon ) staring at the Two Brother’s Hills… For me, the sacrest stone on earth…Yes, those hills, as well as the Arpoador, Sugar Loaf and the Corcovado ( where the Christ, the Redeemer Statue is ) are: huge blocks of gneisses!
gneiss |nīs| noun a metamorphic rock with a banded or foliated structure, typically coarse-grained and consisting mainly of feldspar, quartz, and mica.
 Well, back to the Rio Weekend…
They will be transported in a very fancy car, by a very smart English Speaking driver, will ride around the most astonishing urban coastlines I’ve ever happen to be in… And I’ve been traveling for a while in 4 continents… They will have fantastic seafood ( fish, crustaceous and the whole company ) one the first night, they will have the best barbecue in town on the second night, and I wouldn’t dare say the best in Brazil, for I’m originally from Porto Alegre, South of Brazil – Home of the Creators of the Brazilian Barbecue!  By the way… Watching Giant on last January 1st warm afternoon – While Liz Taylor fought the sun assisted by Rock Hudson, while James Dean watches them both from his ride… – There was this scene in which they show an etymological spanish version for the word Barbecue, which we call churrasco, or “churras” in family … Don’t remember exactly what was it, but you might as well be interested in either see the film and figure, which is a giant film, or come to Rio and at least surrender yourself to the views of the Gorgeous Guanabara Bay and eat some green leaves, if you may be a vegetarian – as another enchanting traveler Paola Rossi ( partner and lovely friend of mine) is, for whom this post is dedicated too, for inspiring me…
So… After those two gastronomic experiences, they will be in one night in a famous Samba-Ethno-Retro-Cool-Busy club in Lapa district, downtown…. To taste democracy… And another night will be dancing with pseudo and long term celebrities in one of Brazil’s most cool lounge, in Ipanema… to taste the life of the very wealthy ones. Of course, in between spots, in a cool A/C’d temperature in the gorgeous vehicle…  For it is warm in here, child!
Wanna feel this taste? Come to Rio in a The Charmed Voyager Escape!

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